Founded in 1975 the “MOLLIFICIO ANASTASIA” produces springs in wire and ribbon of any shape and dimension, in a modern factory that covers an area of 11000 square metres, of which 3000 are covered.
The production is absorbed from different sectors: industrial vehicles, ground movement machines, agricultural machines, frame accessory, locking units, accessory for sun awnings, taps, nautical sector, iron and steel industry, and so on.
A special section allows you to design and build propototypes in a very short period of time.
The use of high quality steel such as: carbon steel, steel allory, inconel, stainless steel: pre hardened. Phosphor bronze and the use of moder technologys, both in productions and in controls have led to hight quality product, appreciated by main user springs.
to ensure high quality standards, Mollificio Anastasia provides, on request, certificates of testing of the raw material